FTP History

This might have been asked before but can anyone help me to see the results of an FTP test I did a month back.
New to Zwift and would like to track improvements in FTP over the course of time so I can see how much I am improving.
If it can’t be done, no big deal, I can just start tracking from now but would be nice to confirm on any improvements already

Unless something has changed that I’m unaware of it is impossible to see past FTP results. Zwift only shows you your current one.

Easiest way, future forward, would be to sync with Strava and you can change the title of the activity on Strava to “FTP test” and add a description like “FTP = 200W | 2.5w/kg” (or something like that) so you have a historic record.

Continuing the Strava theme …if you use Strava and Chrome, get yourself Elevate plugin which provides a bunch of enhanced data. That has the ability to manually capture your FTP changes which it uses to asses your fitness level changes more accurately/updates your HR/Power zones etc.

Yes I agree.
I just reached out to Zwift customer service bc I assumed it could be found and I just wasn’t seeing it. Customer service responded that this is not currently an option, but he’d pass it along to the development team and we should take to Zwift forums, as “support for the development.” The more chatter we generate, the more likely the development team will notice and create this databank for us.

I also would really like to see FTP history including FTP changes that are automatically made by the system. A nice graph of change over time would be extra bonus nice :slight_smile:

WKO5 does that. Golden Cheetah probably does that as well. Along with tons of other analytics.