Compare FTP?

Hi, I’m pretty new to this! I’ve just completed the 12 week build me up plan, and I’m trying to compare my FTP level from the first session to the last session that I completed this morning. I’ve checked the app, the companion app and the web version, but I can’t seem to find it.
Is it possible to see the progress that has been made?
Thanking anyone in advance for their time!

Hi @Ray_Hopkin

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Unfortunately Zwift holds very little in the way of historical data. Zwiftpower (a 3rd party app which Zwift took over last year) is good for grabbing event data (group rides/races).

3rd party apps like Elevate and ICU but you still have to manually update them. ICU also has an automated “estimated” FTP data field (eFTP) which is fairly accurate if you are regularly doing full on races/rides but estimation accuracy drifts when it starts including a lot of IRL rides without power meters.

Example of ICU showing both 1yr estimated and actual. Note I dont do actual FTP tests often which is why the FTP has little change but the eFTP is fairly representative of reality

All the peaks and troughs are very explainable based on riding focus etc

Thanks for the reply. Is there anywhere that I can just see the results of the FTP test? That way I can just write down the results!

Currently set FTP is in the apps Settings screen (and you can manually change it here anytime).

When you get the screen flash up saying new FTP is “xxx” you click “Oh Yeah” and it then saves into your settings. Only other way to capture it is grabbing a photo of it.

Okay, thanks Dean.

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What kind of FTP test? To see your average power over a timed workout segment, you can load your .fit file into Golden Cheetah. This doesn’t help if you did a ramp test, though.

Historical .fit files can be downloaded from

It was a 12 week program that was designed to increase your FTP. It was the first thing I have done within Zwift. So I assumed that at the end it would show you how much your FTP has increased by comparing the test it did in the very first session to the test it did at the very end of the session.
It would have been nice for it to tell you you have to make a note of the result of the first session so you could compare! Seems a bit daft to make you do the 12 weeks and then have no way to see how much you’ve progressed! Ha!

Zwift does more than a few daft things!

If you remember the ramp test numbers that were popping up, you take the last completed 1 minute segment and multiply by 75% to give you your FTP.

@Ray_Hopkin If you want, you could send the Fit File to me / share the Fit file and I’ll load it up into something (probably my Strava) temporarily and should be able to get that FTP number for you.

Thanks. How do I do that? I’ve found my FTP number from the final session I did this morning. It’s the one from the first session 12 weeks ago that I’d like to find.

ok, you have to find the fit file that corresponds to the date/time you did the first one.

On a PC, I would look in my pc’s \documents\zwift\activities folder.

Here’s Zwift’s support page to provide precise instructions for you:

Once you have the right file, either email it to me, or host it on some cloud sharing platform and provide the link.

Okay, thanks so much. I’ll try it in the morning and let you know!

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