Have a sliding window of 90 days for estimated FTP

I had a few months totally off training and my FTP was significantly reduced. ZwiftPower still shows my estimated FTP from a year ago. Fitness has to be held fresh and so should the estimated FTP be.

Or you could simply update it manually:

Zwiftpower>Profile>Settings>FTP in Watts


Off course, but since it is set automatically in the first place, one would expect it to also be updated automatically on a regular basis.

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O don’t think ZP ever updated the ftp it was always just a manual number the user type in

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The FTP is estimated if you don’t set a value or set it to zero. You will see “(esimated)” behind the number. I think it is updated if you get a new max 20 min power. It goes up but not down.
I find the estimated FTP based on ZwiftPower data more valuable than a value manually set. It is too easy to set a creative value. After all, the number is there for other racers to see your performance in Zwift races, but I might be wrong.

This would be an obvious place to display the up-to-date FTP value on which workouts and a w/kg classification would be based.

If Zwift had all the data from all the Zwifter’s performances, and maintained an up-to-date “FTP” value based on a percentage of some point in the power curve of those (last 90 day) performances (8 minutes or 20 minutes, for instance) they could automatically update the Zwifter’s FTP value in the software.

Some Zwifters assume already that Zwift updates that value based on their performance.

Many Zwifters want to see racing and other events grouped by a method other than w/kg values. Until Zwift implements an improved grouping, we could at least have an improved w/kg categorization by automatically restricting Zwifters from entering categories from which their FTP/kg should restrict them.


I have always manually typed my ftp into ZP after testing. I didn’t know that it ever pulled tge ftp value automatically. Maybe I am wrong.

You will see something like this on the profile page:

I think the estimated value gives more information than an isolated FTP test. It does not matter if you can reach a high FTP value in a step-test if you can’t show the same level in races.

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Estimated value is meaningless as it does not ignore bad data or take account of a trainer upgrade. I can tell you I’m dealing with such matters every day.


Good to know :slight_smile: If the data is not good, I would suggest just remove the functionality. If one could have algorithms to filter out bad data, this could have been a great feature.
There should btw be a possibility to reset perf data when you upgrade the trainer.

Filtered all riders by FTP :slight_smile:

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Set your FTP artificially low so that the next ride it updates it to your current performance.

Sure, except the OP is looking for an automated solution instead of a manual one.

I’m not sure it could automate it. Some people use Zwift through the winter months only. During the summer they are still training and maintaining their fitness level and thus their FTP.
If Zwift lowered your FTP based on lack of usage then the first time you logon during the winter it would virtually assume you were a new rider.

There could be some smartness so that the computation did not take into account periods of Zwift inactivity. That way the FTP would not be affected by lack of indoor training in the summer.

Even if Zwift would reduce FTP during the period of Zwift inactivity, it would go up at the first ride.