FTP - updates automatically?

Im pretty sure I read that if you do a 20 min + workout, zwift will calculate your FTP and update automatically if better than previous FTP, is that correct?

Does your initial FTP start at 0, current FTP says 197 - but not sure if thats just a default?


Yes, it will tell you if you’ve improved. You’ll see something like this:

I must admit I don’t remember what happens when you first start. I guess it’ll set it from the first ride you do that’s over 20 minutes, and use that as the initial benchmark. That’s speculation, but it’d make sense assuming you haven’t manually put something in.

If you want to you can set it to something very low on purpose.

Hey, thanks, thats what I thought thanks for clarification, think I might set my FTP to something really low to get it to update and that the current 197 isn’t just some sort of default.