FTP values - can they reduce in Zwift?

So i understand and appreciate that as you ride and the more you train your FTP increases and Zwift automatically records and saves this. So when you do training programs, these are based upon your FTP.

But what happens if you haven’t ridden in a while? Does Zwift reduce your FTP?

I am going to take one of the Zwift FTP tests, but these utilise your current FTP. Currently my highest/best FTP was 324 from a period of consistent training last year. But over past few months my riding has been on back burner and i know my FTP will not be that good. So when i do the FTP test, the warm ups, etc… prior to the actual test will be based upon percentages of this high FTP thus tiring me before the test.

A work around would be to guess a reduced FTP and manually input it to the test page to reset the percentages but then that would be a guess.

And then when I get the result of the FTP test, do I have to manually override previous FTP?

Does anyone have any comment on FTP, it is an index that fluctuates with our training intensity so it has to go and and down. How does the down work in Zwift?

There are two ways to do this.

  1. In your user settings, the FTP is listed.
    Just click on it and set it to something lower.
    Then, in the work out, the levels will be set according to the new “artificial” FTP.
    To make your FTP official, you can do one of the following.
    You can either take an FTP test and it will up date or you can join a race a or tour ride and go at it hard and the program will update your FTP.

  2. The other way to do this is to just keep your old FTP and give it a try.
    If it is too hard, you can press the PgDn button to reduce the level by about 1% each time you press it.

I think you can reduce the levels by 5-10% by this method.

Thanks Tim. That is cool.

So basically FTP’s always keep going up or stay at the best you have ever done?

Maybe it would be useful for FTP to be reduced with time by Zwift unless it is maintained by regular riding, just an idea!?

Also one other question, so if you do an actual FTP test, does this overwrite your current FTP even if it is less than?

No, it only adjusts for an increase.

Even with an accurate FTP sometimes on a workout, if I just don’t feel good, I’ll drp the level.

I have also done the opposite (less freq) when I feel good and I increase the level.

Correction, I just noticed that the in game menu does have a settings button but you cant change your FTP there.
You have to click on the little orange pencil at the top of the page near your name.
This is the same place where you edit your name for racing by adding the a race initial (WBR, KHR etc) behind your name.