FTP Not Saved Anywhere - Uhhh.... guys! Really!?!

I recently noticed that if you adjust your FTP to modify the difficulty of a workout, it

overwrites your FTP everywhere in Zwift, and your actual tested FTP isn’t saved anywhere !!!

Seriously!?!? Please tell me I’m just stupid, and missing something!!

I’ve heard that if you don’t do an FTP test, Zwift uses 95% of your best 20 min average as an estimate FTP. While not perfect, that figure has value, as an actual, measured indicator of your max performance. ATBE, this figure will increase over time, providing both an estimate of your actual FTP, and useful reference for workouts to be able to adjust difficulty against.

If you don’t feel great one day, and want to dial it back for a workout, this measured FTP should (must ?!) still be saved in your profile. I mean… obviously??? :slight_smile:

I feel like this is such a glaring error, and so silly I must be missing something, but from what I’ve found, FTP is displayed in 3 places, and when you adjust it, it changes in all 3 places. I can’t find my actual / measured / estimated FTP anywhere.

I then did an FTP test, thinking “Well, maybe it didn’t save because it’s just an ‘estimated’ FTP. Maybe it doesn’t save until it’s a real one, from a test.”

Same thing. Adjusted in 1 place, changes in all 3 places displayed.

So I’m using a digitally controlled trainer to do online virtual racing against opponents all over the world, and I got my FTP written down on a scrap of paper over here like it’s 1862!! :slight_smile:

Please help!!! Really hoping someone says “Uhhhh, idiot. It’s in _____ box, on _____ screen.”

Ride On!

IMO the better way to reduce the workout intensity is to use the FTP bias. With it you can dial the intensity 25% up and down while leaving your set FTP untouched.


Here is the explanation from Zwift: Manually Adjusting Your FTP

You are using the first method described which does permanently change your FTP setting. Jesper described the temporary adjustment correctly.


Oh my gosh, thank you!!! I knew I must be missing something!

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Just circling back to this to mention something I just realized, that is important to note:

While the solution from Jesper (thanks again!) does work to adjust your FTP bias up or down to adjust a workout, the fact remains that when you boot up a workout, that option isn’t visible… but the little slider is right in your face! Quite tempting to make a little slidy-slidy. :slight_smile:

Not really joking here… because if someone doesn’t know, and bumps that slider, the FTP is adjusted, and unless they’ve written it down somewhere, there’s no way to get it back. If I understand correctly.

Shouldn’t the true & measured value be locked & saved somewhere on your account?

…and like… aside from workouts, wouldn’t this possibly tie into cheating, and / or is just useful system info, to know the max detected FTP for a user? IE a user with a measured FTP of 350 probably shouldn’t be racing in D category?

And I’d just like to know my measured / estimated FTP, and not accidentally overwrite it.

Just my two! :slight_smile: Thanks all!

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Zwift don’t use the FTP number for categories.

My worst nightmare, accidentally bumping the FTP slider, not because I don’t know my FTP but trying to get it back to the correct setting using the Apple TV remote!