Auto set FTP

A few months back I accidentally changed my FTP setting on the workout screen (thanks ATV interface). I believe it used to auto adjust to whatever Zwift detected my FTP to be before that. Now it’s stuck at whatever I last set it to. Is there a way to make my FTP auto set to what it is in my profile? (Did it ever do that, or I am misremembering it?)


Hi @Lee_Abraham

Zwift will reset you FTP IF you exceed the current value.

So if you think it is to hight set it lower and do a FTP test or a very hard ride and it should update.

Thank you, but it’s currently set at 210, has been for months, and my profile says it is currently 233. When I set it to 210 I was in class D, now I class C so I know it has changed. Could it be bugged?

I will change it manually to 233 now, and see if it changes next time my FTP changes in games.

Thanks again for your help.

Where in your profile do you see 210 and where do you see 233.

The category does not use your FTP value, it use data from all your rides and races, looking at Zwift power you should be a C category rider.

On the workout selection screen, on the bottom right (the slider) it was at 210, and has been. I just changed it to 233 after my last post.

On my Zwift profile page, it lists my zFTP as 233.

On the other hand my Zwift Power profile says it is 199.

Try doing a zone 2 warmup and then 3 minutes at max effort and see what happens to your zFTP. Mine went down by around 25W. I used Volcano Climb with Trainer Difficulty at zero, but any hill with a reasonable approach will do.

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zFTP and FTP are two different metrics. Use your normal FTP for workouts.

zFTP is used for racing categories.

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@DavidP this is going to be a constant issue


We are working on a documentation/FAQ page to explain those type of questions.
I was hoping it was published already. I’ll have to ask around.

Call it ZTP

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I’m surprised no one called this out as a problem.

Oh, wait…

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Once the FAQ is published, how will folks know to look for it or where to find it?

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Instead of a long description and constant pointing people to the FAQ, can’t you just change the name. That way people won’t know what it is but at least they won’t be confused.


How many people read the existing FAQs (on other topics) before asking here?

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I often do searches when I have a question, but they often lead here, not a FAQ.

In this case while the z made me question what the difference is, the description on the profile page made it sound just like regular FTP. So I think something in the description on the profile page could have saved my confusion. Or maybe list the estimated regular FTP on that same page?

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Or have a link to the FAQ from the profile page that says “What do these numbers mean?”

The descriptive text you get from clicking “More Info” will probably duplicate (or confuse) what’s in the FAQ anyway.

There are many metrics available for tracking fitness and fitness progression.
None of them were designed to categorize riders and most of them will not agree with each other.

  1. Just let Zwift Racing categorize by the method they use.

  2. For workouts, select 1 metric and track it.
    I use the eFTP provided by Intervals.
    Zwift does calculate an FTP based on 95% of best 20min effort and that’s fine.
    You can use the zFTP that is calculated from your Critical Power curve.
    You can also do periodic FTP or RAMP tests (again, one or the other).

All these will be different and you will have to manually set your FTP for most.
I don’t like the FTP test or the ramp test because they are hard and not fun.
I prefer to the eFTP because it takes in races, workouts and social rides.
I also think I can continue to use it for outside training

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The FAQ shouldn’t be too long.

I think I’ve answer and debated several times the reason for the name.

  • We followed other known software notations for FTP’s estimation
  • By calling it zXYX (where XYX is some acronym) we would then have to explain what is XYX.
  • What is the right XYX to call?
  • Why call it XYX if what we are estimating is FTP?

Seems to be like one those ‘every choice you make is the wrong one’ situations :thinking:

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Then just explain how it is different than regular FTP.

maybe it is the “z” that is wrong then?

FTP and RaceFTP or CategoryFTP?