FTP adjusted down manually but training still high?

Hi all,

I used to train with Zwift some years ago on a very dubious trainer.

I’ve recently updated to a Kickr Core after many years of not having an indoor trainer. To my surprise the very first exercise was astonishingly hard. I couldn’t hold 300 watts on the Beginners Training FTP Test.

And yes, I found later that my FTP was set at 302!

So I lowered it to 200.

Then I did the next session of the training (plan) and still found it super hard. Unachievable. Despite it being a beginners training and me being in relative good health and shape.

Could it be that the training plan is not being updated to my new FTP?

If you go back into your training screen it should show you what your FTP is set to. Maybe the change didn’t take?

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Chang your FTP manually and set it slightly lower so when you produce more power zwift will adjust accordingly

200w is still quite high for a “beginner” (it’s around 2.5-3wkg depending on your weight), sounds like you need to do a proper FTP test (either 20min test or ramp test) within Zwift on your new trainer to figure out what your actual current FTP is, as your old one was obviously dodgy as f.

no point starting a workout programme using inaccurate numbers.

if it was this workout programme, you can go to the website, bang in your FTP, and see what the actual wattages are supposed to be: Zwift workouts: 6wk Beginner FTP Builder | What's on Zwift?

although mostly just sounds like you didn’t save your changes when updating FTP to 200. open menu in game → click orange symbol near ur name → update FTP → reload workout (might need to quit/rejoin the programme)

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