FTP reset possible?

Hello all,

I’m fairly new to the Zwift community (started training beginning of March). I use the Wahoo Kickr Snap which is a wheel-on trainer. I was unaware that you’re supposed to calibrate wheel-on trainers before every ride (it’s my own fault for not researching before riding). Anyway, I was riding on an uncalibrated trainer for a bit and my FTP is now a good amount higher than it should be. Is it possible to reset your FTP? If I do the FTP test will it use that number as my FTP if I test lower than what my FTP currently is? I want to do one of the training programs so that’s why I’m asking.

Thank you!

You can go to the settings screen and, in the same place you set your name and weight (upper left) you can change your FTP to whatever you think it should be.

Great! Thank you. I’ll do the FTP test then change it to whatever I score on the test. Thanks for the help!

Just set it to 100W, save then do the test. It’ll update for you when you finish.