FTP Reset?

Is there a way to reset my FTP and recalibrate my settings back to realistic numbers? My last ride on Zwift had me riding Alpe de Zwift in 49 mins and my FTP jumped from 313 to about 390. Come to find out, none of that is in the realm of reality. I’m about 93 kilos., have a dumb trainer with speed, cadence and heart monitors. I’ve lost about 4.5 kilos over the past month and have updated my Zwift profile to reflect this. Up until yesterday, things have seemed fairly reasonable and I’ve been making steady, significant gains. I moved from D to C about 3 weeks ago and then about a week ago Zwift power tells me I’m almost B (first red flag) Then yesterday I’m all of a sudden a cycling ■■■. So, how do I reset my settings back to reality? I am NO cycling ■■■…

Update OK, my tire size was off and I reset that to the actual size. That has made the in game experience WAY more realistic. Now, how do I reset my FTP so Zwift doesn’t think I’m still Chris Froome?

Please send a E-mail to zwiftpower@zwift.com

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A link to your ZwiftPower profile
Your ZwiftPower username
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Thanks!! Will do!

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To reset your in-game FTP see How to Find & Test Your Cycling FTP — Instructions | Zwift

Hi Gerrie, thanks for your help with getting me back on track. I was able to get my Zwift power account reset and took a new FTP test, however the FTP on Zwift Power still hasn’t updated. It decreased quite a bit because of the mix up in the settings. would that affect FTP on Zwift Power? Or, should it still update with the new Zwift numbers? It’s been well over a week with no updates. Any help would be appreciated.

The FTP number on Zwiftpower is only there for reference.

You can manually update it in the settings tab.

Ah ha!! Thank you! I thought it automatically updated from Zwift. I appreciate your help!

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