Zwiftpower FTP Reset

Hi. I recently replaced my trainer with one more accurate. My issue is I can’t reset my FTP in zwiftpower so i can use a lower pace category. I did an ftp test on zwift but in zwiftpower is still the previous one. I also deleted my zwiftpower profile and i did one new but zftp still the same.
I sent a email at but i still haven’t received any information.

Can you please find a solution?

Thanks Dimitris

Contacting is the solution. An FTP test won’t reset your zFTP. Your zFTP is not your FTP for workouts, which is what an FTP test provides. Your ZwiftPower profile shows your zFTP but it doesn’t affect it in any way.

As far as I am aware you cannot lower your category. Zwift support might be able to but I honestly doubt it.
You are stuck in whichever category until the 90 days rolls by and you are lowered.

I just had a knee replacement and would like to ride C until I am fully recovered but it is not gonna happen until my pre surgery numbers are gone

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My issue is that i can’t change category on races. The category is depending on zftp of zwiftpower or ftp from zwift?

I have already contacted them. I hope have news soon.

It’s depending on zFTP from Zwift, not from FTP, not from ZwiftPower. Have a look at your profile on and that’s your racing category. You don’t even need a ZwiftPower account to have a racing category - they’re not related. ZwiftPower just reads from Zwift to learn your category.


zFTP and zMAP are parts of Zwift Category Enforcement.
They take the past 90 days of rides and use that to determine your category and zFTP
You cannot manually change the category

Until your old data is older than 90 days you are stuck into whichever category you were in.

I hope they answer soon else i will use this category that i’m now just for fun :grin:

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Zwiftpower does not display your FTP but it does take note of it and uses the value internally. It does however, display your zFTP, which is a separate value. If you want to see what your FTP is you need to start Zwift and go to “Workouts” your FTP is given on this page. Zwiftpower takes this value from here.

If your FTP increases Zwift will amend and increase this value, however, if your FTP decreases, it does not tell you of your decrease nor does it decrease your FTP.

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