zFTP setting missing

I can’t find the zFTP setting anymore. I manually set my zFTP because I never do a 20min all out effort in a crit.

You cannot and never have been able to cahnge your zFTP.

You can however change the FTP used in game for things like workouts, by opening the game, clicking on your pictire, clicking on profile and you can change it in there.

That’s not true at all. The menu is gone.

You didn’t say you were trying to do it in ZwiftPower! :joy:

You can’t change it in there any more, but it definitely did anything other than show other people what you thought it was. It does not and never did limit what categories you could enter.

It should match the FTP test on Zwift. zFTP is useless.

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zFTP is what categorises you into race events, so setting it to anything else on Zwiftpower would be pointless.

zFTP is not intended to match your FTP, despite the unfortunately similar name. It incorporates power values from a variety of durations and every rider will get a zFTP number even if they never do an FTP test or ride for an extended period. They could do exclusively 10 minute rides and still have a zFTP. You should think of zFTP as a magic number that is only used for race categorization. zFTP was never editable on ZwiftPower. FTP was but the number you edited in the past wasn’t used for anything.

Well said :see_no_evil: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: