choosing the ftp to use with workout plans

(Chris Rochelle ZTR-C) #1

This might be a simple question but I don’t want to use the wrong numbers to screw up any training plan I work though. 

So lets say I have an ftp of 250 watts and I want to use the 6 week ftp builder training plan. Should I set the ftp higher than my current ftp so I can build to my ftp up to 300 watts, or should I set it to my current ftp of 250 watts? I was using it with what I was assuming was my current ftp and it seemed like most of the efforts were too easy for me. 

Thanks for the help.

(R ick Sanchez c-137) #2

Set it to your current FTP.  

I too felt that the FTP workouts were too easy.  I’ve been assured that they will get harder.  

(Chris Rochelle ZTR-C) #3

Thanks rick, I will give it a shot. 

(Pete GameCock WBR (D)) #4

I just finished week 10. It definately gets more intense. I started at week one and was a little worried I was wasting my time. Around week 6 I did a ride/race and Zwift boosted my FTP for me by around 10 watts. I left it there. Since starting, I have lost 10 lbs and increased at least 10 watts so I’m happy. Looking forward to, but dreading my next FTP test in 2 weeks

(C Martin529) #5

I started the 12 week FTP advanced plan by setting my FTP to 400 (about 100 over my current FTP measured by Zwift) and got along alright until week 3 when the workout hit 78 stress points.  I knocked it down 50 points for that one and managed to finish but it was tough.