Zwift made my FTP lower

My ftp was set to 176. I suddenly noticed that workouts were much easier. I checked my ftp in my profile and it was in the range of 125. That’s not the kind of thing that gets set accidentally, I never go into my profile.

did you accidentally move the slider down?

very easily done if trying to navigate around with the play controllers.

I’m not sure which slider you are referring to. I have only been logging into the app and selecting a workout. I have not been near any settings.

when you select the workout there is a slider on the right hand side that you can move up and down and this changes your FTP.

If you didn’t know it was there they may have moved it without realising.

Are you referring to the FTP on your profile page (zFTP)? That’s just Zwift’s guess at what your FTP is based on your ride history. Unless you’re doing full out rides/races it’s not very accurate (eg. mine is about 100w lower than my true FTP) and has no bearing on your workout settings.

The only way to change your FTP for actual workouts is the slider Chris is referring to.

see below for where the slider is, Zwift doesn’t automatically lower your FTP, it will only automatically increase if it detects a stronger effort.

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thanks, was trying to find an image to share but you beat me to it!

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Thanks, everyone. I’ll be on the lookout for this and ensure that I don’t change it.