FTP location (again) ;-)

Morning All, newbie Zwifter here.

I’ve moved across from BKOOL and loving the experience so far. I started the 101 session yesterday and completed the ramp test.

Just wondering where I can find the result? I know you can log it manually in my profile settings but I’m looking for the test result.

Thx an advance.

FTP estimate from ramp test is 75% of your best minute of power.

If you look at the details for any workout in Zwift, on the bottom-right corner of the power chart should be that estimate number.

Thx Steve, I’ll take a look later on.

For a bit more information have a read of this information from a very good website you may wish to visit regularly.

I very fairly do an FTP test so not 100% sure but believe that unless you take a screenshot of any pop up showing your FTP result you can not later find the report again. Of course, as Steve says, you can find the result on an in game workout and as you say, on your in game profile page (if it is higher than your previous FTP)

If an FTP test does not improve on a previous figure I believe there is no on screen report to let you know what the FTP result is.

On a Ramp Test the last minute average power is constantly displayed as you do the test. Just as you are about to fail to put out the requested power quickly look at and remember the final & therefore best average power figure. If you have any energy left possibly quickly take your own screenshot.

Your FTP result is 75% of that final and best one minute average power figure.

Thanks Ian

Here’s a screenshot of the ramp test I did yesterday but can’t see the figures Steve pointed me towards - are they only available ‘live’?


go into the workout/training menu, choose a workout, and you will see your FTP listed at the bottom right corner, also can adjust it with the sliding scale on the right.

Brilliant, thanks Mike!

247 is the number - has that been adjusted already or is the true figure 247 * .95?

Thx again,

it has been adjusted already, no need to do any calculations.

also, when doing a workout you can adjust the “FTP bias” up or down in the companion app, so if a particular block or effort is too hard/not hard enough you can adjust it on the fly.

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I didn’t realise that 101 workout screenshot was an actual depiction of what you did during the Ramp Test but looks like it is.

The screenshots I was referring to are those which appear on your Companion App or Zwift.com account. The one below shows you coming to the end of your test and also shows where you can see your average last minute power figure.

I notice that at some point you could no longer hold the required power, took a slight breather and then tried again. IMO this additional final effort is not required/redundant as unless you can quickly bring about a minutes worth of power higher than the power you failed at then it is meaningless. Advice is to give it your all, when you can’t do any more stop the power fully and end the test then cool down.

Within your Activity you can find the Power, Cadence and HR if you are wearing one. From this information you can move the slider around and estimate your last minute power. Your FTP of 247 suggests you were averaging around 330 watts for the last full minute which is supported by this available report.

On occasion Zwift takes automatic pictures for you, usually including notable moments, PBs, etc. Automatic pictures of FTP results is one I think has been requested by others but currently, I think, not provided.

Good code!

Many thanks Ian :+1:t2::beers:

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what happens if you just smash out a 1 min max immediately and then end the test ? i am curious but not enough to try it

I think it takes it from the completed interval value rather than the output power.

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Been a while since I last did a ramp test, but I think you freeride for ~5mins before ERG kicks in and it starts the 1min intervals used to estimate FTP.

At the standard ramp test initial 100W, I suspect the resistance would be so low, you would struggle to do a realistic all-out 1min.

The best 1min used to estimate FTP is on your actual power, rather than simply the interval the test wants you to try and match.

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The / Any ramp test is supposed to be done in ERG mode. The goal of the ramp test is to go as long as you can until you’ll eventually fall in the the ERG dead spiral. You’re cadence will slow down, torque required will go up and eventually you just can’t pedal anymore. Then it takes the average of your last minute * 0.75 to determine your FTP.

Not doing the ramp test in ERG mode and just smashing a 1min all out power effort, isn’t a FTP test, it’s a 1min power test.