FTP Ramp Test results lost

Today i did my first FTP Test on Zwift.
I started the first stage of the test with 100 Watts.
The Results i got were 16/30 Stars of the Workout, so i guess 16 Stages.

Unfortunatly i didnt remember the FTP Number that showed up.

Later, i went into the menu and found out, that you can drag the FTP Test intensity up and down in the Workout Screen, so the FTP also adapts in the Profile settings, that i checked afterwards.

Now i am unsure about what FTP i scored.
Is it possible to find out my FTP by taking the 16/30 Stars i scored?

Greetings from Germany


Looks like yours FTP will be around 270-280 but you can make this test again after few days. It’s really great workout too :slight_smile:

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