FTP decreasing


I recently completed a ramp test and it was poorly timed - did it the day after a very long ride. My FTP has dropped from 327 to 303 and I was exhausted trying to chase my previous result on today’s test.

Question: does zwift only give your latest FTP regardless if it is higher or lower than your personal best result? It is a sad sight to see my higher result disappear from my profile and now I’m stuck with a number that is worthy of a sad face :frowning:

It seems a bit odd that a FTP result can be reduced by a ‘bad test’ that just does not go well for different reasons. I did not see the ramp test all the way through and an option to disregard it and start over on the next test would be handy.

This does however give me incentive to test again in a few weeks and go all in to get back on top.

Thank you!

You’re not stuck w/anything. You can manually set your FTP to whatever you want. That said, I would do the Ramp test again after a couple of easy days. No need to wait a few weeks.

Thanks Lyn :slight_smile:

What Lyn said. But also, there’s no need to do an FTP test at all if you have a pretty good feel for what it should be. The only effect it has in the game is to adjust the difficulty of your workouts. If after manually setting it you feel like your workouts aren’t enough effort, manually adjust your FTP higher, or vice versa.