FTP decreased at the end of cooling down of Ramp test?

I did a FTP Ramptest. After the ramps, Zwift set my FTP to a new value (261). After that, I continued with the cooling-down part of the test. When that was finished and I ended my ride, Zwift wanted to give me a new (much lower, can’t remember the exact value, but it was something between 150 and 170) FTP.

This can’t be normal behaviour, right? I noticed a similar issue when I did workouts. I have my trainer on ERG mode, and Zwift wanted to decrease (in the standard “Oh Yeah”-screen) my FTP, which is weird.

Is there something I did wrong or some weird setting I missed?

Zwift FTP is 75% of the last completed minute for ramp test.

I understand how Zwift calculates FTP. After the last (painful :wink:) ramp, Zwift came up with my new FTP (261). After the cooling down it came with an even newer FTP and changed my FTP. On that screen it even showed my slightly older (I had a different FTP before the test) and much lower value.

It should update your FTP after the ramp test. The cool down (should have) has no bearing on your FTP.

That’s what I thought, but somehow it did. Zwift also decreased my FTP after every workout of my training plan.

That’s really odd behaviour that shouldn’t happen.

That’s what I thought, but how can it be fixed?

I would start by getting in touch with support to see if they are able to see anything untoward. I’ve never seen this happen before so I don’t know what to suggest.

The only time your FTP can possibly decrease if if you manually change it yourself or do a ramp test. Doing a workout should not have any bearing on this at all.

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