Cool down period ramp test

A Zwift noob here, but have ridden bikes since I was a kid, mountain bikes are my core category, from racing to social.
Question: During the ramp test, does the cool down have an effect on the average score?

I may have been seeing things due to copious amounts of sweat in my eyes, but at the end of the test “I’m toast”, I’m sure my average result was higher than after the 10 minute cool down (which in itself seemed to go on forever).
Was I seeing things or does the cool down impact the score?

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Nope - think its the last full minute ramp * 75% that is the important bit. Also worth noting that the warmup etc is important to replicate from test to test, but when you hit the cool down part, you can flag and just go ride/drink beer.


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We have an article about the FTP test which states as follows:

“…You’ll do warm up intervals before riding at a challenging effort level for 20 minutes and finishing with a cooldown block. These tests take 95% of the average power exerted during the 20 minute test block. At the end of the test, Zwift will display the option to update the FTP value on your profile with the one from the test.”

So based on that description, it seems that it’s the 20 minute block that’s the money maker.


Looks like I didn’t realize you were talking about the Ramp Test, and this was brought to my attention by another helpful Zwifter. It seems that the Ramp Test utilizes a shorter sample to produce the FTP results as evidenced in this article.

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