Pacer group designation

I can’t seem to find on what your pacer group is based. Mine tends to go between group C and D, and toward the latter, I’m betting, because I tend to take a mile or two cool down ride after finishing a route that affects my average power.

I haven’t done an FTP test yet - just got Zwift earlier this month for the dark, rainy months - since I’m still getting over illness, but I’m on the “descent” from that illness and starting to push harder. Once I were to do an FTP test and enter it into my profile, will that effectively lock in my pacer group, or is it always based on actual power during rides? If that’s the case, anyway to tell Zwift that I’m just cooling down - there’s nothing to see here?

Your category is based on actual power during all rides over a 90 day rolling period. A cool down after a race or workout doesnt matter. Zwift uses multiple points on your power curve from 3 minutes to 40 minutes to determine your category. You can see these times and your power on under your profile on the right side of the page.

Thanks. That profile link lead me to the Fitness Metrics Stats FAQ which indicates it was based on the maximum power over some duration, so it seems even for regular routes in the world, a cool down shouldn’t matter. More likely it was when I took it easy a week or two back and my zFTP was lower, according to the graph (non-COVID respiratory issues).