50w step in ftp?

Just got on zwift today and did ramp test. My score rose by 55w compared to my last test 3 months ago. Is this even possible? My previous test was done in november when a friend of mine lended me his trainer. I should mention that i huhave been riding for about 20 years, mostly mtb, but never done any structured workouts. So i guess my question is, with structured training i have been doing For past 3 months, is it possible? I was using kinetic app and their workouts. I should also say, that my initial ftp test was 20min one, vs ramp test i did today.

I would do 20 minutes test again, ramp test is overestimating (in most cases).

Are you on a completely different trainer and bike now too? As @Milan_Rost said, you should be consistent with the FTP test you use to measure your progress, but also consistent with your equipment.


Same equipment, different test and app. I am more fit as well but not sure if 50w more lol.
I think i will stick wit ramp test from now on, i had issues pacing myself with 20min one.

That’s the thing with the different types of FTP test. The ramp test is less accurate, due to it making assumptions on the relation between your short high-power efforts versus what you’d be able to sustain (using a different energy system) over an hour.

But the ramp test doesn’t need any pacing. The 20 minute test almost certainly needs more than one try if you haven’t done one before, because you need to work out how hard to push so that after 20 minutes you’re totally spent but didn’t blow up on the way. If you can pace it well, then that 20 minute test will be more accurate than the ramp test.

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Yeah, pacing was tough. I started what i think was good pace but midways i realized i could do better and started ramping up and last minute i gave it all i could. I dont want to repeat that anytime soon? Thats why i want to stick with ramp from now on. I dont really need to gauge against others, just myself.