Integrated FTP Step Test Option

(Alex Fuller|All3 Sports) #1

The biggest reason I’m interested in subscribing to Trainer Road is because they have the FTP step test that is much less taxing than the 20 minute FTP test. I want to test often, but it’s taxing to go all in for 20 min regularly.

I know you can create your own custom workout FTP step test in Zwift (with a nice walk through via Zwift Insider:, but Zwift could easily make this one of its integrated FTP test options and do the calculations for you. More people would test their FTP more often, and they could measure improvements easier.

You could include it every 4 weeks in training plans, and advise when to do the step test vs the the 20 min version. You could even get an alert every month or so that says, “You haven’t tested your FTP lately, interested in checking in on it?” It might help with race divisions as well.

(T Harradine) #2

Agreed, good idea. I’ve added it in but its a PIA with ATV custom workouts. It would be great if it was included in the set FTP tests and everything was calculated for you. It’s also a great little workout or warmup.

(Adrien Lantieri) #3

I do agree this would be a good idea, although at the end of the day this is only possible with those with ERG modes (which is probably not the majority of the zwift riders - I have a dumb direct drive myself).

On a more general note, I do wish that Zwift would implement more tests altogether, be it only to test fitness levels & gain more information on one’s strength and weaknesses, as well as ideally to customise workouts even further.
I suggested it some time ago, albeit with little support from the community and no answer from HQ: Tests other than FTP (VO2 max, peak power, sprint power, ...)