Customise or create a new FTP Ramp test?

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been discussed before but you might give me some advice on the ramp tests? I seem to be falling between two stools. I can just about get to the last interval on the Ramp Test Lite but Zwift tells me that I’m better suited to the full ramp test. The trouble is, with the full test, I can only stick about 5 mins and have to stop. My FTP is around 180w.

Is there I way I can lengthen the Ramp test Lite or better still, create my own that has a longer warmup than the standard test and then 1 minute intervals instead of 2 minute?

Thanks a lot!

For a longer warmup, just start riding on whatever route you like for as long as you’d like, then start the ramp test workout. The intervals in the standard test are 1 minute each.

For more detailed customization you could make a copy of the ramp test workout and edit it. I’m not sure if that would prevent it from calculating your FTP for you though - you may have to find your best minute average on your own (easy if you use TrainingPeaks, probably not as easy if you only use Zwift).

I believe ramp test calculates FTP from best 60 seconds, not just one ramp segment - so if you are in-between segments it doesn’t matter, just go full send til you blow regardless and your FTP will be correct.

Better yet, try a full 20min test for a more accurate FTP…!

I would love this feature, too! I feel like the Ramp Test Lite is too slow and tedious (I really can’t start at 50 watts on my rollers; I’m practically at a standstill), but the Ramp Test itself is too much too fast. I have a similar FTP and my weight falls right at the threshold between where they recommend the Ramp Test Lite over the regular Ramp Test. Considering I’m an average sized active woman, I feel like this is a terrible place to have a dividing line. I would like to be able to (1) select what wattage to start at; and (2) the increase in wattage each minute. I personally would choose 100 watts to start and 10 watt (or maybe 15 watt?) increments.

Build your own?
Go up in 10 or 15w intervals - Estimated FTP is then 75% of the max 1 min power held (that’s not the whole number, the actual best 60 seconds)

Also worth noting, the fatigue is there for a reason so you shouldn’t just take any 1 minute effort and take 75% of it,

ZWO Factory will let you build it quite quickly.