Create training to increase FTP


As i understand it, if you cycle 20 minute above your FTP, it will be adjusted. Instead of doing an FTP test and going all out, I was wondering if you could creat your own work out, 5 min warming up, 20 min FTP + 5%, 5 min cooldown. If you can hold the power, would this work to get an FTP increase?

Sort of. Zwift uses 95% of 20 min power for your FTP. So if your FTP is 200 and you do 20 min of 200W your FTP won’t increase. You’d have to do >211W to increase your FTP.


A true FTP test has a certain protocol. Just doing 20min is not really a FTP test.

There’s some good information on the internet.

The Zwift FTP test is easy to do.

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Of course, the best FTP test is an hour long. No special protocol needed. Just hold the highest average power you can.

Anything else is just an approximation.


Maybe best is the wrong word. It will produce a more accurate result but is very unpleasant to do and is difficult to pace without knowing your ftp in advance.

Ramp requires no pacing just go until you stop!

I use a 20min test, as ramp over estimates my ftp.


Hmm thats looooong an hour. Just did the short FTP test this weekend and it increased with 9 watt. I find it hard to measure out your wats during the ride. Now I held an average of 213 up’d it to 214 at 15 minutes and ended with 215 Watt average for the ride.

But it was hard…