Ride FTP vs FTP Test

Is getting a new (improved) ftp after a good long ride the same as taking an FTP test?




The true FTP test has a specific form, the pre 20min is a important part of the FTP test.

But some people does not do well in the FTP test it is just hard for them to push them self, but in a race they have more motivation to go hard.

If your workouts is to hard you may want to dial it down a bit.

Congratulations on the FTP increase.

It’s not the same, but if it has gone up, it counts. My highest FTP as reported by Zwift came after a climb of Alpe du Zwift. If anything it was a better reflection of my one hour power than 95% of any 20 minute short test.

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That’s what I am thinking.

Also, after allowing for the higher new FTP I am still doing fine on the structured workouts so the new ftp isn’t killing me (usually :slight_smile: )

I have always wondered why Zwift has such a large amount of time devoted to pre FTP test. I just warm up for about 10 minutes and then skip the other parts and start the FTP test. What is the importance of all the other intervals before the actual FTP test?

If you warm up and just do the 20 minute you will only calculate your peak 20 minute power not your FTP.

You can read more about the test:

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Gerrie - thanks for posting the article. I read through the article and the information there seems much different from the Zwift FTP test. On the Zwift short test you warm up for 5 minutes then do 3 X 20 seconds intervals and varying wattages. You spend another 3 minutes warming up and then do 2 X 3 minuter intervals. Warm up again for 5 minutes and then you start the 20 minute ride.

That seemed a good deal different than the test mentioned in the article. I think this is another area of cycling where there are probably 10-15 methods to perform the same test. I think everyone does what works for them and that is fine with me. Thanks for your post.

Hi There, new to this forum and fairly new to Zwift, level 8 and 450km. Its shocking how many KM’s some people have.
My question is about FTP, I have not done the FTP test but Zwift is telling me that my FTP is 248. I think. Should I do the test? Where is Zwift getting the 248? Thanks for any information

Hi @Mike_Norton welcome to the Zwift forum.

Zwift will calculate a FTP based on your rides and races, Zwift constantly look at your best 20 minute, then Zwift will multiply that best 20min x 0.95 to get your FTP.

If you do workouts zwift will use that FPT to calculate at what wattage every Zone should be.

If you find the workouts to hard you can lower your FTP.

I would suggest lowering it to 200w and try a Formal ftp test. To get your true number before starting a workout.

Thanks Gerrie, I have only been doing Workouts and races, i feel that the workouts are pretty good, not crazy hard and not to easy. The races on the other hand are over the top hard, but in a good way!
I’ll do the FTP test just for the ■■■■ of it.

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