5 watts in training

When I choose a workout, every workout maxes out at 5 Watts. I am not a great cyclist, but not THAT weak.
Not sure how to fix it.

What is your FTP set at?

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It is set at 5.

How do I change that?

2 ways.

  1. Do a FTP test on zwift which will give you a score .

  2. you can adjust your FTP is under your profile. To get there, click “Menu” while in game, then click the edit icon next to your profile info at the top-right. Adjust your FTP, then click to save.

Hope this helps .:+1:

I figured out how to manually change it. But I’m wondering why it was always at five. I’m also not sure what I should be manually changing it to.

If you didn’t do any FTP test or manually set the FTP then it would never have been set. That’s why.

I never did any FTP, but manually set mine to be 313w because I already knew this from a test done elsewhere.

I suppose I can just manually set it by estimating FTP based on what wattage I am pushing for the last few rides. If I underestimate or overestimate it, Zwift will adjust it eventually.


Thanks so much for the help.

You can estimate your 20 minute power then take 95% of that. Then in your workouts you can increase or decrease FTP if needed.

But I reckon you should do a ramp test or an FTP test.

The ramp test I would recommend to start with. It’s easier to do and you don’t need to know how to judge your efforts, while an FTP test you need to know how to pace yourself so you don’t expire in the last 5-10 minutes.

If you do exceed your FTP then Zwift will give you a new one.

This has been very helpful. Thanks again!

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