Going back to Zwift's estimated FTP?

A while back I set my FTP at 260. I thought it was accurate. I used my average watts from two 1-hour efforts in the real world. One was a time trial where I had a finishing time of 63 minutes. My average power was 256 watts. The other was just a hard 1-hour solo ride - averaged 263 watts.

But, either I’ve lost fitness or it’s just different in Zwift land. I’d like to go back to Zwift’s estimates of my FTP based on their 20 minute sample.

How can I go back - without manually inputting my FTP?


I think the easiest way is to edit your profile, put your FTP down to something like 100, and let Zwift do the rest.

It’ll automatically calculate an “FTP” from your best 20 minutes in any ride - although it’s reasonable to say it’s not a true FTP test as it doesn’t necessarily enforce any hard efforts to deplete anaerobic capacity before those best 20 mintues.

Alternatively, you can set your FTP to something low and then do an FTP test or Ramp test from the Workout section.

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Thanks Daren. I’ll try that - dropping my FTP to 100 and Zwift do the rest.

Thanks again!