Auto FTP Question

(Rob Case) #1

I know this has been discussed ad nauseam, but I am trying to determine if I ran across a software bug or if this is expected behavior. My FTP is currently 208, but I was feeling pretty good a few days ago so I ended up riding for an hour with an average of 217 watts, and a 20 min average of 230 watts. Either way, this ride should have increased my FTP, but it didnt. I was under the impression that zwift uses your best 20 minute effort and multiplies it by 0.95, is this not correct? Does it use the full hour and then multiply it by 0.95?


(Vince Kim🤖 [WKG]) #2

Zwift shouldn’t use 95% of 1 hr. I think it should take 95% of 20min or 100% of 1 hr. Either way you are free to manually change your ftp.