FTP Test Assistance

I am having some issues understanding the setup I should be using to get a proper FTP result from doing the tests. I have read articles and watched some videos on youtube etc and seeing different views opinions.

I intend on doing the full FTP test again within the next few days and will be using one of the Watopia Flat courses.

I will disable ERG mode completely, but when its disabled it will require an incline, do I set this to 0 and then change to a neutral gear ratio and do the test.

Hi @Scott_Boyde.

I do these FTP tests with ERG off. The test does not account for the road profile so you will have to change resistance (using the companion app or ± key or the onscreen menu arrows) and you will have to change gears to be in the power range where you think you can go for 20 min.

I prefer to use a long hill like the epic climb, yes I said the road profile does not play a role, but in my head I push harder going uphill.

I would suggest playing with this workout before going all out, skip past the first few blocks and only do the 2 before the 20section then go into the 20 min section and play with your resistance. once you figured it out you can rest a bit or wait a day and do the complete workout.

i hope this helped.

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Cheers for the quick reply.

I was told that to get the best result I should set my gear ratio into a good gear without ERG mode and I can then just ride without having to change anything.

I was going to start a new training program and the first thing is an FTP test but have decided to scrub that until next week and see if I can do the test correctly.

Will do as you suggest and see how it goes.

Good luck @Scott_Boyde.

It is important to have the correct FTP for workouts.

the FTP take a lot out of you, so make sure you understand it before you attempt the test.

Let us know if you have more questions.

I personally do my FTP tests with ERG on using the Zwift workout. When you take the test the warm-up profiles will all work properly with ERG setting the power. However, the Zwift workout profile itself turns off ERG during the actual 20 minute FTP segment. So it does not really matter either way. During the FTP part I have never even looked at the modes or the incline button. If you are doing it right you will be in too much pain to think about buttons. :wink: I am not sure what would happen if you adjust incline.

I think the only benefit of not using ERG at all during an FTP workout is that it will get you used to what gear and cadence will provide what power. I ride enough in different modes to have a good feel for that. I believe that if you were to use a non-Zwift workout, like one imported from Training Peaks, then you would not want to use ERG for sure as it could interfere with the FTP portion.

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You are 100% correct, the reason why I suggest doing it with ERG off is to make the user familiar with changing gears and the trainer resistance/incline.

I use the ± buttons on the Keyboard to adjust the resistance/incline, by doing this I can dial in to the exact power and cadence that i want to hold for the 20 min section.

Thanks for the explanation. This makes sense. It won’t change the results but it will allow a user to find a sweet spot with gearing and cadence to generate a certain power.

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