FTP Test

(Travis Tiede TeamODZ) #1

So - there’s been quite a few questions about this already and I’ve seen varying opinions from other riders here and also the Zwift Facebook User’s Group - but just so I’m clear - when performing the FTP Test, should Erg Mode be DE-SELECTED?  I’m, also using the Wahoo Kickr, if this makes a difference.  Thanks for your help!

(William Dawes) #2

It Doesnt need to be set to off,  zwift disables it for the actual test segment so you can use it for the warm up segments 

(Genshi Ezawa) #3

does that mean you have to shift your gears to light gear before the test segment start so that you can push as much as you need?

To use drive chain straight, I ride with outer front gear and 3-4th rear gear and I did not have enough resistance to reach power I wanted to input during the FTP test segment.

Are there any tips to do it right? I’m fed up with Zwift does not provide enough information to do anything. 

(. DrNorm) #4

“I’m fed up with Zwift does not provide enough information to do anything.”

2nd that. Instructions, how to’s and even FAQ’s are pretty unhelpful and way to “you just do it” without actual details. Even the ERG-mode instructions for how to use say, “Check ERG-mode box and start workout” but not how you actually select the power levels.

Overall, very frustrating. Great piece of gear but you’re pretty much on your own to figure out how to use it/ Even searching the forums is difficult to find answers.