FTP Test Failure

I attempted to do the Zwift FTP test this morning.  I left the ERG button on as I was told that it would automatically go into the manual mode when the actual test starts.  The warm up went as expected, but when the test started and it went into the manual mode, I could not generate more power as I was in the highest gear.  I had to ditch the test.  What did I do wrong?  

Be in ERG?

Yes I was told that you are to start it in ERG mode, then when it gets to the real test after the warm up, it will automatically switch to the manual mode.  But it either didn’t switch or it did but the Kickr resistance was so low that I didn’t have enough gear to do the test.


Hi Reiko -

During the FTP portion of the test we do disable ERG mode intentionally. During this portion, we send a command for the trainer to hold a flat road level of resistance, and you should use your gearing to set your own wattage. If you find the base level of resistance is too low for your gearing, you can adjust it during the FTP portion using the Up and Down arrow buttons that appear in the action bar, or the + and - key on a keyboard.

Thank you Lindsay.  What is an action bar?  Is it where the intervals for the workout shows (list of watts and duration)?  I use MacBook Pro and mirror it on my TV.  Are you saying I can use these 2 keys on my keyboard?  (I don’t know why the picture is rotated)