FTP Test and Erg mode

I researched the Zwift FTP test (shorter) before taking my second one earlier today and a couple of unexpected things happened:

  1. I understood that once the 20 minute test started, Erg mode would automatically be turned off - it wasn’t.

  2. I should be prompted to accept the updated FTP - I wasn’t and my FTP was automatically refreshed.

Had I read outdated guidance or is there a problem with my setup? I’m running Zwift on a MacBook Pro and the companion app on an android phone.

Incidentally, since joining Zwift, I have only taken part in a training plan and so Erg mode has always been turned on. When I turned it off for the FTP the companion app button showed an incline set to approximately 50%, I left the setting as it was. Was that the right thing to do?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Keith_Warburton

  1. It look like ERG was of when looking at your activity. When ERG is off you should change gears and adjust the resistance with your incline button.

  1. No you don’t get a prompt to update your FTP Zwift will update if your FTP increase.