ERG during 20 minute FTP?

Just done my first workout (short FTP) which was good. It’s a bit strange seeing your avatar on the course but you’re not really feeling all the bumps in the road as it were.

I’m slightly confused about this workout. I have a KICKR and when I selected this workout I noticed that the ERG option was (forcibly) selected which is fair enough. The bit that got me is that on Trainer Road’s short FTP it switches off the ERG (or changes it to Slope or something) for the 20 minute test, as it says it’s better for you to choose your own gears/pace for the duration of the test.

There was no mention of this sort of thing on Zwift’s implementation. So when the test actually started I shifted up a gear to get the power to my liking. So I guess my question is, should I have done that or not?

Ah maybe I should have searched a bit more first! According to it does switch off ERG for the test.

So to answer my own question, the answer is yes. I think it would be a very good idea for Zwift to put something in the workout description and the actual workout itself to tell people using ERG trainers and the like that during the test itself it will shut off and you get to do all the hard work at your own pace.