New to Zwift- FTP

Hello. I am new to Zwift and with bike training in general so it is taking me a while to research and learn how to use my Wahoo Kickr Snap with Zwift. I’m trying not to get discouraged but I don’t seem to be catching on quickly.

I decided to take an FTP test today because during some of the training rides the resistance got so strong I couldn’t even pedal and I read that taking an FTP test could help the trainer to adjust accordingly. My average watts for my 20 minutes was 58 (very low I know). During the cooldown, the erg mode would not reactivate so the end of my ride was strange and difficult to figure out how to finish correctly. Once I ended the ride it said my my new ftp was 93 (from previous 58). This does not seem right at all since my average during the 20 minutes was around 58. I’m really not sure what I am doing any any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Welcome to Zwift and the Zwift Community Forums Jeasica! Glad to have you onboard.

If you ever feel that the resistance of ERG mode is too high, you can manually adjust your FTP by going into a ride, opening the menu, and clicking on the pen at the top of the screen by your name. The cool down periods are supposed to be super low resistance so that you can pedal at your own speed and let your legs relax a bit after the giant effort that is the FTP test. Looking at my FTP Test, my cooldown starts at about 50% of my FTP, and goes down from there. Mostly just a time to keep your legs moving.

Hi Jeasica,
welcome to Zwift.
I think Seth has covered your questions.

I would only add that when I finish something as hard as a FTP test or race I like to have a cool down by selecting an easy gear to cycle on for 5 or 10 mins.
After your FTP test I think your erg mode switched off enabling you to manually select a comfortable gear of your choice.
I usually have a cadence of around 90 but on a cool down it is lower about 80 or less, in a nice light gear (ie not too much resistance). Chose what is comfortable for you to bring your heart rate down.

If you are new to cycling and to Zwift you could give yourself a couple of weeks to just free ride. Getting yourself acquainted with your bike, Zwift and cycling in general. But if you are super keen just crack on.
I hope you enjoy Zwift and please ask as many questions as you like. There is usually lots of help here.
“Ride On”

I think that the 20 minute FTP test is sometimes too difficult for beginners, because it needs some experience in pacing. It might be better for you to use the ramp test ( where you just pedal and Zwift will increase by 20 watts each minute until you can’t turn the pedals any longer. And the ramp test includes a 10 minute cool down after you stopped pedaling.

Is the equipment set up properly? Tire inflated to correct pressure and proper number of turns for the roller?

I’m still recovering from hip replacement surgery and I’m not ready to re-take an FTP test, so I went into my profile and manually set my FTP to 25. Then I let Zwift automatically calculate my FTP on every ride by using the maximum 20-minute average power recorded. Zwift will change the setting and notify you only if it detects an increase over your current FTP score. This should keep things manageable. After you get some mileage on your legs, try the ramp test for a focused effort and you’ll likely post a higher FTP. You can choose to train with Workouts which are based on your FTP. They will give you a weekly structure to follow and you will experience improved fitness!