FTP Ramp Test Nit

First, let me say I love the new FTP Ramp test. I tried it this morning and it’s great. Thank you for adding it - it’s truly a valuable addition to the platform. However, I do have two minor nits that I’d like to give feedback on to make it even better.

First, and most importantly, the constantly updating “Average” stat shown as you progress through the ramp is awesome, but it’s misleading. It’s clearly not an average power for the test. Maybe it’s an average for just the current step? I believe it’s actually something close to MAP. It would be great if you would label it that. Even better, why not show the current FTP score instead?

This display makes perfect sense for the traditional FTP tests, and it seems to be a direct carry-over from those. I like showing an average in the traditional tests and not your current FTP score, because it’s really not determined yet. However, in the ramp test, your FTP score is monotonically increasing and there’s no set time you need to complete - you can’t lose ground. It would be cool if you could see your FTP score growing and know what it would be if you stopped right then. If you have a target FTP you really want to see if you can hit, this might even give you the motivation to go that little bit deeper to hit that target.

Secondary to this, I appreciate that you have a cool-down period built in at the end, but I really wish this could be a free-ride instead of an insanely low and quite long constant/near-constant effort, or at least let me skip it and get on with my life. The only way out of this purgatory is to either wait out 10 minutes or to quit the ride altogether. Seems sub-optimal either way.

Bonus feedback: Maybe now that we have (or are close to having?) the tools to get MAP via this ramp test, Zwift could add a bit more sophistication to the fitness metrics and workouts with both FTP and MAP. This would be along the lines of what Sufferfest does with their multi-dimensional 4DP metrics.

Hi Patrick,
I like your ideas and agree the ramp test is great.
“Ride On”

The TAB key skips a segment in workouts. Does that work in the Ramp test?

I forgot to mention that I did try skipping the cool-down segment, as you can with any other workout, but it wasn’t letting me skip. I guess I didn’t know about the tab key, but I was hitting the next button on the Companion app, which usually does it. I guess it’s possible there was just something going on with the app, but it had been working fine for everything else, so I don’t think that’s it. It appeared that this was the first workout I’ve done that doesn’t let you skip a segment.

I haven’t tried it on the ramp test but for those cool down periods I usually switch from erg mode to incline mode using the companion app. That way I can up the wattage to what I’d like to do.

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Ahh. Thanks for the tip, James. I hadn’t thought of that.

I performed the new Ramp Test last night and I found it useless due to the following issues:
5 minutes warm-up is too short
There are no peaks during the warm-up although peaks are essnetial to prepare the muscles.
The test does not consider any previous FTP or e.g. “target” FTP. It steps with 20 Watt each minute which is not appropriate for riders like me with an FTP around 220 Watt. Instead the ramp test sould consider a previous FTP or “target” FTP (which one could define before the test) and then should step from 50% upt to 125% of that previous/target FTP. Steps should not be more than 5% of the previous/target FTP.

Hope this helps; just a quick and dirty feedback from a non-professional user.
Anyhow, the result from my ramp test was 219 Watt which is around my previous FTP, hence not so bad regarding accuracy.


you can do a longer warm up before the test, everyone need a different warm up.
The protocol for the RAMP test is not to use your FTP, the whole point of a RAMP test is to determine your FTP.
The standard RAMP test protocol is based on 20W increments each minute.