Workout Request

A Ramp Test would be another great standard workout to add to the list of Workouts.

Yes, ramp test is the best for trainer FTP.

sorry just to point out technicality error - but a ‘Ramp Test’ does not measure FTP.

the ‘Ramp Test’ measures Maximal Aerobic Power (MAP). the test is done aerobically from the beginning and reaches the maximum capacity of the individual’s aerobic system at the end.

Basically what happens is after a good warm-up we start the test by pedaling at 200 watts (a relatively easy pace for most people). We then increase the wattage 20 watts every minute until KABOOM! FAIL. The power that you reach on the very last step is what your MAP is.

My coach used a similar ramp test to determine FTP last winter and the results were very similar to a standard 20 minute test. He said ramp was a better method on a trainer because it’s a lot harder to maintain focus and effort on trainer for 20 minutes sitting stationary indoors.

We increased wattage by 20w every 3 minutes in this test, then 10w when we were within 30w of previous FTP until failure. Where you fail becomes FTP. If you fail to complete 3 min at say 330w, but get about halfway. Your FTP is 325.

It was surprisingly accurate.

As the previous poster pointed out. That is not your FTP (power you could hold for 1 hour) but closer to your VO2 max