New ramp test (FTP test) does not work

(Nicolai) #1

I hate FTP test, but try to do it often to get accurate training zones.
When Zwift came with the new ramp test, i was over the moon. First time in my life i looked forward to do an FTP test.

Started the test, and everything was great. Did the test, and really felt like i gave it all.
At the end i was so tierd that i just stopped spending about 20 sec trying to get my breath back.

It was then i noticed everything had just stopped, and no results had been given.

Its safe to say, the new ramp test is a waste of time, and just frustrating. Not sure what to do now.

So many bugs in Zwift after the update, not even sure it was worth it…

(Rob Fraser) #2

I’ve just had the same. Completed the test and it didn’t update.

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(Brad) #3

Same, last night.

Not as frustrating as crashing on the 20-min version, but still frustrating. If you know what your last step was that you completed, and roughly how far you were into the next one, you can make a decent estimate. It’s your average power for the last minute x 0.75, I believe.

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(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #4

I did not do the Ramp test yet. But don’t you think it is because you did not increase your FTP and therefore you did not get a message saying that your FTP increased?

(Brad) #5

At least in my case, no. The program literally locked up halfway through loading the next screen. In addition, my last test, in December I maxed out early in the 240W step (173W FTP). This time, I maxed out about halfway through the 280W step (approx. 203 FTP).

(Nicolai) #6

i did find a broken .FIT file after a while, and found a converter online. Time stamp is way off, as it says 6. Jan. 2015 :D.
When it comes to the results, i went from 205 as my old FTP, to 246 as my new FTP. (came off a long brake and started with a FTP test, thats why the big increase in ftp) I also tested the new FTP today, by doing 3 times 12 min Steady State intervals. They were as hard as they should be.

The issue i had was that the whole zwift program froze when i was done with the test and the countdown before the end results was suppose to show up.

(Tad) #7

Same thing here. I did the ramp test, maxed out half way through the 320 step and nothing happened. I could see my average watts decreasing as time went on. I eventually ended my ride, but never saw an update in my ftp (neither up nor down). It’s a great, quick test…but the results function need some work.

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(Tom) #8

I did the ramp test this morning. I successfully completed the 340 stage and then stopped. However, it didn’t tell me my FTP. All that suffering for nought!

I did two things that may have confused the app. 1st) I warmed up a bit before starting the workout. Perhaps you need to go straight to the workout when you enter a new Zwift session. (2) I didn’t use erg mode (which I don’t like and never use during workouts).

(Maykel) #9

I had exactly the same issue… Suffered for quite a while and nothing happened. In my case the issue was that I accidentily copied the Ramp Test instead of selecting the one that’s listed underneath FTP Test.
Tried 4 times… Was a fun interval workout :see_no_evil:

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