Ramp Test Issues

Hey All,
I’m new to Zwift & just performed my first ramp test lite. I’m on a Wahoo Kickr bike & everything was fine up until about 200w when the resistance became so hard that it became impossible to turn the pedals. I stopped and it eased off but happened a few times. Any advice appreciated? :blush:

That is what a ramp test is supposed to do, it basically just gets harder and harder until you can peddle no more. It does sneak up on you very quickly, everything feels fine until all of a sudden it doesn’t.


Hmmm, ok, i’ll try another next week & see what happens.

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If you want, you could try one of the FTP tests rather than the ramp tests. This is where (after a warm-up) you go as hard as you can for 20 minutes (in free ride mode, not in ERG mode).

In theory the FTP test will give a more accurate result than a ramp test (since if you’re good/bad at very short-interval high power efforts then that will distort the ramp test result).

However, in practice the FTP test is hard to pace correctly (getting everything out there for 20 mins without blowing up early), so you’ll likely need more than one go at it.

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