Ramp test&FTP test

So can anyone please tell me that i have recently did my ramp test on erg mode and than after some time at 300 watts I can’t even pedal because everytime after 300 watts my roller become so hard that i can’t even pedal like even on stroke so please can any tell me why it is happening and i always see people doing ramp test and going a bit easy on 300 watts so why there smart trainer is not going hard why? And i have recently got to know about spiral of death but why it is happening with me everytime at 300 watts why not more than that? is there anything that you have to continue apply force on pedal than only it will work but if thats the case than also i am applying power to pedal after 300 watts but my trainer won’t make be do it because it gets so hard like you can’t even pedal so what the solution for this in ftp or ramp test please reply if anyone knows :pray:

I’m not sure I can help you with your FTP problem.

This may have nothing to do with your FTP issues but do you have more than one account set up. Zwift doesn’t work well saving ride details (and other issues) when you are logged into multiple accounts or logged into more than one device at the same time.

I ask because you have, I believe, posted on this forum recently under @Karann_Soni

Any recent rides you have done since 27th February don’t appear to be saving as public on what I believe might be your main account.

Actually i ride on zwift with my friends account he give me his account that’s why you can not see any rides