FTP Ramp Test Power Loss?

Hi guys,

I’ve just bought a new Kickr v5 and enjoyed my first ride with it on Zwift with no issues yesterday. However, I attempted an FTP ramp test today and this is where my issues started.

I had ERG mode turned on. Free ride was fine, first few levels were fine and I was able to keep within the average wattage with comfort. Once I got to around 200 watts, it seemed to stop reading my watts and all resistance stopped. No matter how fast I peddled it was reading my watts at around 80-100 before eventually dropping out completely and stopping. I had avoided changing gears during the test as I was under the impression this is what ERG mode was for however I did a quick test before the test stopped completely and changing gears made no difference to the watts. I reset everything and started again however experienced exactly the same issue second time round.

I hope I’m missing something really simple and would greatly appreciate some help.