FTP (Short) and KICKR



Just completed my second FTP test with my KICKR, and everything was going well until the test actually started. For some reason ERG mode dint disable and I was spinning like hell but only registering 120w at 115 cadence.

Using the Wahoo app I had to manually adjust the resistance then close the app for Zwift to work.

Any help?

Annoying as I had to pedal at 350w+ to get back to my original FTP and now I am toast!



Jason - I had a similar problem as you on my first FTP test.  For my second FTP test I just used the Zwift application and NOT the KICKR one.  I kept the KICKR app closed and never opened it.  I could be wrong but I think the two apps confused the KICKR which may be why you spun out like I did in my first test.  Once I disabled the app my test was a lot harder and I never spun out.  :)  Hopefully this solves your issue!