Is my FTP issue the same as others?

Hi all. New to cycling and Zwift. I’m using an iPhone, Apple TV and Wahoo Kickr (2020 / V5). Free riding is fine and Kickr simulates the roads I’m riding with relevant resistance, All good. When I come to do any of the FTP tests all not good. The warm up is fine with the appropriate resistance but as soon as the first test comes along there’s no resistance and I’m spinning out in top gear producing very little Watts and usually fail the first test. ERG mode is on, all firmware up to date, ZC removed from iPhone and still issues. I’ve even just ridden from the iPhone (no Apple TV) and still issues. Zwift had made some suggestions (I’ve even sent them my logs) but still it’s a no-go. Am I missing anything anywhere?
Thanks for any support.
Kind regards

Hi @Peter_L-North_Yorksh

When you get to the test block you need to increase the resistance using the companion app (incline button) or the onscreen buttons (up arrow)

Thanks for the info. I try it out tomorrow but it’s strange, with ERG enabled, that the Kickr cannot provide the resistance automatically. It’s going to be a challenge switching between ZC and Zwift whilst doing an FTP test.

The test block is with ERG off and it doesn’t know at what resistance you want to ride. Test this first skip all the blocks up to the one before the test go into the test and set the resistance. The resistance should be fine for the next test.

It is actually very easy.