FTP block test wattage issues

I’ve just purchased a Kickr Snap and thought I’d test it out using the 45 min FTP test (in ERG mode). Its connected using BLE and I performed a spindown beforehand. The issue I’m having is that, during the 20 min block test, the wattage was moving around alot despite maintaining a consistent cadence and gear. Any suggestions? Thanks

Erg mode won’t work on the 20 minute block. I’m assuming it worked during the warm up?

If you want to test erg mode try the ramp test or any other workout other than the FTP tests.

Hi Ben. I understand that. The trainer goes into a neutral resistance mode. So why do my watts fluctuate so much when my cadence is consistent and using the same gear?

How much is a lot? A range of 60 w isn’t a lot for most people. No one rides as smooth as they think they do. If you want to ride smoother, ignore erg mode and focus on that number.

Maybe that’s the case then. My FTP is around 200. I found the the watts could be anywhere between 180 and 240 in a very short space of time. Seemed to me like alot. I found it almost impossible to maintain the same watts for more than a few seconds

I have done a couple of FTP tests before with different setups and the watts during the 20 min test were far more consistent.

Some people prefer to use the 3 second average for power display. Some prefer the one second.

Different trainers probably behave differently too.

Thanks. I guess the main thing is that the average over the 20 mins is reflective of my effort. Just a bit annoying when you’re seemingly unable to maintain a consistent level.

I assume you have updated the firmware on the trainer and your tyre is at 100-110 psi?

I updated the firmware when I set it up yesterday. I have a trainer tyre with a max psi of 120 so it’s set to that