Wahoo Kickr v5 ERG issue?

I just purchased a Kickr v5 and got it set up last night, coming from an Elite Direto that I’ve been training on for 4 years. A couple of things that have been troubling me that are different then the way the Direto functioned, wondering if I can work that out. I’m pairing with Apple 4k TV via Bluetooth and using Zwift. I did a quick test in ERG mode, first thing is that when I accelerate or spin up faster, the power or speed does not change in Zwift. I know ERG holds you to a certain power, but on the Direto it would show those changes (increase speed and power in Zwift) then average back down to the set power within a few seconds. Maybe this is something that can be changed in the APP? I haven’t tried to play with the ERG mode smoothing or speed simulation yet. I’m hoping that will make it more like what I was used too. Second, the effort at a given power in ERG mode seams to be way off. I know the Kickr is suppose to be more accurate then the Direto, but this is like 15% - 20% difference. Example; Doing a Vo2 set of 5min x 5 ERG intervals, usually around 310w, I could barely get through the first one, and during the 2nd I had to drop the power to around 270w, and that felt more like what I was used too on the Direto. My last 20min FTP test on that trainer was 264w (2 weeks ago/ 56yrs old 77kg) which is up from 240w a few months ago. Maybe the Direto just sucked when it came to accuracy, and if that’s the case I’ll have to re-adjust all my workouts to match the lower power numbers that the Kickr is reporting, kind of sucks from a motivation stand point :frowning: My power numbers have improved outside on the bike too, but the funny thing is I’ve always been able to hold more power on the trainer then on the bike, a lot of people report the opposite.

I suggest doing a new FTP test on the new trainer. I assume the Kickr is a more accurate trainer like you said. Don’t be discouraged, you now have a more accurate picture of your fitness to work from.

Also, that’s not how ERG is supposed to work, the trainer should hold the same power even if you ramp up the cadence and not take a few seconds to react.

Mike, thanks for the reply :wink:

That makes sense when it comes to how ERG should work, but I’ve been so use to the other way for 4 years now. Previously, If I was doing a workout in ERG mode, I could go for a sprint PR and it would let me, reflecting my speed and power in Zwift, then it would settle back down to the set power. Also, if I was maintaining pace with another person and say they got a 2-3 second gap, I could ramp up and close the gap, or push the pace over the top of a climb. That seems pretty natural to me, to be able to over ride the set power and push a little harder on occasion and have that reflect in game. Now, the way the Kickr is working if a stand up to sprint, I have to coast or spin for awhile before it falls back to the set power, and I actually lose speed. :frowning: I have a few ERG work-outs where I have these 15 second sprints sprinkled in, I will usually set the power to around 800w and then try to hit 1000w+, the Direto worked perfectly in these situations. If there is no way to get the Kickr to function like that, I’ll either have to get use to it, or see if the newer Direto XR functions like the old one in Zwift.

Kickr has a setting that lets you choose between the trainer reporting “smoothed” ERG power (i.e. just whatever power the ERG mode has been set to) or actual power, and for some reason the default has “smoothing” turned on. You just need to connect to the trainer with the Wahoo app to change the setting, and then you should be good to go.

Hi Anna, thank you for the reply :wink: I turned off the ERG Mode Smoothing in the APP, but I also turned ON the ERG Mode Speed Simulation. Is that one recommended to turn on or off? I also did the latest firmware update.
Anyway, I just did a short recovery session in ERG mode, seem to be working ok during the warm-up but then when into the longer sections the power was fluctuating a lot, on a section that was 150w steady, the resistance felt pretty even, but the power display on Zwift would jump around quite a bit. Like from 130w to 160w. (I have my power in Zwift set to 3 sec average) A few times during the ride I had to apply a lot of power to keep it spinning, almost like ERG mode had dropped off entirely. I reset my Apple TV and re-started Zwift to see if it would get the bugs out, but then I was having issues connecting to Zwift, and when it did finally connect it would stall on the loading map page, and had to re-start again. It was getting late, so I decided to give up and I’ll try again tomorrow. Maybe it was just a network issue with the Zwift servers, hopefully. Thanks again, really appreciate your comments :wink:

I can’t remember a setting like that (and can’t check it at the moment I’m afraid), but anything with “simulation” sounds to me like something you should turn off…

There are several threads about weird things going on between Wahoo trainers on the latest firmware and recent versions of Zwift, so you might just be experiencing one of those. Most people reporting those kinds of problems seem to be on Apple devices so at least that part fits, personally I haven’t had any problems with the current firmware, but then again I’m on Windows and use ERG mode very infrequently.

I found some information about it on YouTube, but it wouldn’t let me include the link in this post, it looks like that feature displays speed based on power output, rather than flywheel speed on the trainer. I guess there are mixed opinions on if it should be turned on or not, probably if you are using your head unit indoors, which I’m not. It also looks like it doesn’t matter in Zwift since the gradient and power output usually determines speed. For me I use ERG mode in Zwift 95% of the time, so it’s important that it is working accurately. I only really use the indoor trainer for structured workouts (intervals) like SST, Vo2max, 1min, 30sec, etc. and also for recovery rides. I find it can be difficult to get into the zones and be consistent when riding outdoors. I generally try to split my riding 50/50 outside and trainer, outside being more endurance rides, and indoor more structured. I’m going to head out for a 3-4 hour ride now, before I stuff myself with food, LOL, Happy Thanksgiving :wink: