FTP Test vs General zwift riding

So i have started one of the zwift training plans and did the zone bench marking workout to test my zones. After riding up Alpe du zwift the week before my FTP had gone up to 280 and i had a cadence of 87 over the climb. However in ERG mode on the workouts i can’t hold that power for anywhere near the amount i do riding round zwift normally or especially going up any of the climbs. I’ve had to lower my FTP down to 240 to get through the workouts. Anybody know why this is and can explain it to me?

Hello @matthew_derry, welcome to the forums.

Have you done one of the standard FTP tests? I would start there and see how you do. The ramp test can overestimate your FTP, it is best to complete the 20 minute test. They are difficult so make sure you are rested and fresh legs.

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