Zwift Ramp Test Confusion

I recently finished the 4 week FTP booster training program. At the end, I took a ramp test instead of the scheduled long FTP test, since I originally took a ramp test and my training was based on that. My issue is that the test ended up running more like a free ride. It kept telling me to step up the watts every minute, but Zwift did not increase the resistance. I had to keep upshifting to try and match the power that was being asked for. I thought that, and think I recall that, in this ramp test the resistance is supposed to increase every minute until it becomes impossible to pedal. That didn’t happen. It just kept track of my average power and then stated that the only thing that mattered was my best minute. In the end, I was confused but simply poured the coals to it for a minute session and was totally tapped. The test ended and the screen congratulated me and gave me my new FTP which was 38 watts higher. I am still confused as to how that number was arrived at, and why the test was not run as I expected. Can anyone explain what happened?

Hi Curt, welcome to the Forum.

Two things that comes to mind.
Did you turn ERG off.
Do you pair using the FE-C option with ANT+

ERG was on. I actually started over after the first 5 minute warm up completed and I realized that something didn’t seem right.

I have a Wahoo Kickr Core and it was paired with Bluetooth. Running Zwift on my Windows 10 laptop.

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Thanks for the welcome Gerrie!

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Did you try other workouts?

Not yet. This just occurred yesterday. Was going to be my last ride until I get back from a short trip on Monday.

Just an update. I got back home and decided to retake the Ramp test. This time everything worked as expected and the end result was about what I expected (10% increase). Not near as high as what I received the other day (27% increase). I still have no idea why Zwift acted the way it did for this test last Wed.

There was another issue, though. For some reason, I started on a MTB and had to go back and change it. Seems that other people had the same problem.

Hi, I’m new to Zwift and attempted the ramp test yesterday. Apart from confirming that it was a ramp test at the beginning, nothing was different to a normal ride; no discernible increase in difficulty, no instructions or motivating messages.
Is there anything I should know before trying it again?

After selecting the Ramp test and hitting Ride, did you get something like below (map will be whatever was selected) …

No, nothing like that. Thanks. Now I’ll know when it looks right.

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