Ramp test result disappeared

Hi everyone,

I took on a ramp test today and was pretty happy - made it to the 480 watt barrier and then had to pull out. The result of the test has me a bit lost though. The last ramp test I had got me as far as 460 watts so I was assuming that with the extra 20, something positive would come of it.

At the end of the test there was no change in my previous FTP. I assumed that it would at least go up (or maybe down) by a digit or so at least but alas, I have the exact same result that I got 2 months ago. Weird thing Is the ride just came to an end like a normal ride. There was no ‘new FTP result’, regardless if I made progress or went backwards, pop up. I stopped and then the ride saved.

All the ride data saved so I can compare apples and oranges here: test 2 months ago had an average power of 239 and today was 247 so very close. Also on the power graph, the time spent in 425 to 450 watts for today’s ride was 1:10 and the previous ride was 1:20. After that for both rides the next power range up is less than a minute. While all the ride data has shown up on Zwift Companion, the main Zwift app still says the last ramp test I did was 2 months ago.

A handy thing to stop me from going nuts over this would be to know how I could get my FTP result from today’s ramp test with all the ride data that saved. I could be over thinking this and the reality is my FTP is still exactly the same down to the nearest watt.

Has anyone ever had this happen before?


Your FTP from this type of ramp test is 1 minute peak power times 0.75.

This is the first place I’ve seen this mentioned; is it true that after completing the ramp test and exiting Zwift, I cannot see what my most recent FTP is? How could this feature be requested, if so?

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Hi Richard, some time has passed since I came across this problem and to answer your question, the simplest way to see what your current FTP is to access the menu when in Zwift (the app, not the dashboard on a browser) and select your profile below your name on the top left (touch the pencil icon).

The FTP value on your profile is what the result of your most recent test will be. If you are disappointed with the result and want to edit it to your previous result, or want to round up (or down), it can all be done here.

Unfortunately your FTP only displays on your profile page once in the menu, or when selecting a workout. It does not show up in the Zwift companion app.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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Got it! Thanks Paul.

I had a similar experience recently, and thought it might be useful to share.

I did a ramp test, went up 2 ramps, feeling pretty pleased with myself (I mean, the level wasn’t very high but it was a fairly notable improvement). Quit out, expecting to see a new FTP, but this didn’t appear. The ride is saved in Zwift Companion (so no networking issues or anything like that), and I can clearly see it’s about 90 seconds longer than my previous best, but no change to FTP in the main Zwift app.

After some digging, I believe (not confirmed) that the issue was to do with the way I ended the test. In the past, I’ve just stopped pedalling and hit the “I’m toast” button, as per guidance; but for some reason, this time I did Menu > End Ride > Save and Exit. This seems to have saved the ride, but not finished the test cleanly.

I also did another ramp test a few days later, actually did slightly less well than the lost test (but still an improvement on the test where I got my last recorded FTP), and got a new, higher FTP. So it’s definitely not an issue of not having improved enough in the lost test.

Final point to mention - I logged this as an issue with Zwift Support, in the hope they could just run the lost test through the FTP algorithm and update my score. Hit a complete brick wall - the operatives didn’t seem to know what the ramp test functionality in the app was, or how it worked.


Had a similar experience tonight after my first ramp test. I sat there drenched in sweat, staring at my iPad screen, fumbling through an obtuse menu system, amazed that there was no obvious way to see the results of my test. You’d think after a grueling test like that, the app would plainly indicate the result—the only reason you do the test is to get those three digits. That I could more easily find a different pair of socks to wear in the app than my most recent FTP result tells me a lot about Zwift’s priorities.

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Glad I found this thread; I was about to bail on Zwift 2 days into my trial.

I like UI designs and user experiences that make me feel like a superhero, and very much dislike ones that make me feel like an idiot.

Thanks for posting. It’s pathetic. Yet again FTP result lost (not better than my current best but wanted to know where I am).
I’ll probably switch to Trainer Road.

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