Display FTP

Display FTP in the app or companion. I can only see what was first entered in my profile, but Zwift has displayed higher FTPs after rides so it’s being tracked.

Does that information get saved somewhere? If not, then the feature request is to add it somewhere for reference.

Once you login into Zwift, you can chose which World and Route you want to ride. You can also pick a workout, from the same menu. Click on workout selection button, and you will see your FTP in the bottom of the workout selection window, closer to its right side. You can not only see it there, but you can change the number, if you want to.

Ok thanks. Why is everything so hidden and not intuitive?!? The GUI could use some work.

Probably because the only time when you need to know or change your FTP is when you are starting a workout! During free rides, it is not really important.