Re-visit end-of-ride messages


Is there a way to go back and see a message that came up when I exited a ride? I can’t find it anywhere.

When I hit ESC it said “Oh, wow - 224w → 253w” or something like that. What does that mean and where can I see this message or its effect again?


That sounds like you set a new FTP! Well done! To see what the value is now have a look in your workout area. It should show you your FTP value in the bottom right.

Thanks! It was a good ride.

Is this a workout area in Zwift or the companion? I can’t find it in either.

I don’t understand why notifications are empty, it should just show the message in there.


Congratulations on what sounds like a detected increase in FTP. I agree with you that it’s odd that you can’t find a trace of this message somewhere. It’s not classed as a notification, apparently. Just another idiosyncrasy of the Zwift user interface.

If you want to confirm that Zwift is now counting your FTP as higher, log back into game and select any workout under ‘Training’ ride – you don’t actually have to pair your sensors or do the workout – and in the presentation of the workout it should indicate your ‘new’ FTP number somewhere in the lower right section of the screen. Go ahead and close the game again if you’re not riding.

(I don’t recall if there’s an easier way of checking than that. Happy to stand corrected. I can’t find a way of doing it in the Companion App.)

Don’t the FTP changes show under Menu / Settings as your current FTP?

I’ve just checked on iPhone and iPad and there’s no FTP indication in the Menu / Settings on my devices. Haven’t ever used PC or Mac for Zwift. Perhaps the Settings display is different on those platforms.
The advantage of just looking at a workout option to see the current FTP number is that you don’t have to start a ride, which is necessary if we want to see the Menu page. Fewer clicks and all that.

Right. Perhaps as you say because I am using a MacBook Pro it shows up differently, albeit with more clicks and having to start a ride to see it.

You got me curious, @Rita — it wouldn’t surprise me if Zwift was presented differently on more powerful platforms.
Having time on my hands, I installed Zwift on my MBP (game version 1.15.1 / MacOS Big Sur 11.5), away from my trainer and with no pairing or km ridden, evidently.

Here’s what I get in the Menu and the Settings, with no FTP number field that I can see:

Do you have something extra or different? Am I missing something obvious? (Wouldn’t be the first time. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Reassuringly, the settings options are only slightly different to my day-to-day Zwift device (iPad). The best 5sec / 1min / 5min / 20 min power numbers aren’t indicators of one’s FTP.

I think if you click on Workouts from the Pause menu, it should display it there - see screenshot below. You may have to pick a workout first from the list before it appears; I can’t remember. Don’t worry, you don’t actually have to do one, you can just quit from this menu.

Yes, @Steven_Robinson that’s what I posted in this thread on 31 July.
The workouts option in the Paused Menu and the workouts in the first screen after login bring you to the same destination, apparently.

Good on you Roule…almost there. Under your name on the first screenshot, is a little orange Edit symbol…hit that and it takes you to a page with your FTP in it. I have noticed this number change as I improve.

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