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Just started Zwift cycling, and have a question. Looking at the events and all the races what does the w/kg mean and how do I find out what category I am in?



For racing, you should take one of the FTP tests in the Zwift Workouts section to determine your FTP. From there you can calculate your w/kg. If it’s just a group ride, the w/kg is more of a pace indicator, so if you think you can keep up with the pace you should be OK on the ride. (Or, if your w/kg limit is above that of the ride, just be prepared to ride at a slower pace if you want to stay with the group.)


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w/kg is your FTP measured in watts divided by your weight in kg.

So if you done a FTP test or know your FTP and it is say 150w and you weigh 60kg then your w/kg is 150 / 60 = 2.5 w/kg.

the image below show different racing categories.

So if your w/kg is between 2.5 and 3.2 then you are a C.


also, sign up at to track your races and current category.

w/kg means Watt/Kilogram, it is essentially your max power that you can sustain over a 60 minute time frame divided by your weight in kilograms.


Thanks for the info, still trying to figure zwift out. Where do I see my results of my FTP?

Randy, check out the following thread from a few weeks ago, where a couple of ways of getting to your current Zwift FTP figure are illustrated:

Thanks for the info